Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa 2019 – Top Best Sofa Beds For Your Choice

Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa 2019 – Top Best Sofa Beds For Your Choice
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This post will answer the question about how to find most comfortable sleeper sofa 2019. I have slept on lots of comfortable sleeper sofas and sofa beds all my day. There is a very good thing that I will tell you is about the improvement of technology for sleeper sofas or sofa beds have been better and better over the years. The sleeper sofa is such a handy and convenient furniture piece. A comfortable sofa bed offers you a cozy seating inside a lovely room as well as serves as a comfortable bed at the same time.

In this article, we will recommend top five comfortable sleeper sofas 2019, which play an important part in solving limited space problem and offer comfortable and easeful furniture as well. Whether you are living in a large or a tiny house, you should own one of them.

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What is comfortable sleeper sofa 2017?
What is comfortable sleeper sofa 2019?

Here are top 5 comfortable sleeper sofa 2019 that help you within accommodating much more people within less space, with comfort and ease. Those who reside in a little house having a large family must have them.

Top 5 comfortable sleeper sofa

Sleeper SofasPriceSizeRating
Emily Convertible Futon by DHP

$Overall: 31" H x 71" W x 36.5" D
Minter Upholstered Sleeper Sofa

$$Overall: 36'' H x 84.25'' W x 39.5'' D
Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa

$$Overall: 36.5'' H x 87'' W x 37'' D
Lawrence Full Convertible Upholstered Sleeper Sofa

$$Overall: 35.5'' H x 87.5'' W x 37'' D
Pryce Sleeper Sofa

$Overall: Sleeper: 15.5'' H x 44'' W x 71.5'' D
Sarah Sleeper Sofa

$$Overall: 37'' H x 77'' W x 34'' D
Colbie Modular Loveseat & Ottoman Sleeper

$$$Overall: 22'' H x 61'' W x 37.5'' D

Short reviews for 5 products

1. Emily Convertible Futon

Product Description

Emily Convertible Futon by DHP
Emily Convertible Futon by DHP

The DHP Emily Convertible Futon is mainly designed in order to offer both functionality and style. This best sleeper sofa can be easily converted into a bed from a sofa in less than one minute. Thanks to the metal frame construction, Emily Convertible Futon is very sturdy and strong. It also includes a well-padded mattress, which helps the sofa bed easeful for sleeping or sitting for a long time.

This mattress and futon offer various color options, thus, you are able to choose the one with the most appropriate color that goes well with your home decoration. The Emily Convertible Futon by DHP is a wonderful piece of furniture for a modern house, but still equally well-balanced in an industrial or a contemporary home setting. This best sleeper sofa requires certain assembly on its arrival.


  • Contemporary and sophisticated design with pretty chrome legs.
  • Back and Front have the same fabric.
  • Convertible sleeper sofa has a split back, thanks to two separate cushions.
  • The scotch guard may be used for this comfortable sofa bed. However, you should test on a small spot first.
  • Recommended size: standard full-size.
  • Stitching color: Cream.


  • The most stylish sofa bed as well as the best budget sleeper sofa.
  • The best solution for tiny space such as studio apartments or living room.
  • One of the most durable and multifunctional sleeper sofa.
  • Sleek, stylish and compact design.



  • Can not be used for sleeping permanently

2. Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Product Description

Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa
Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa

With trending accent pillows, track arms and espresso block legs, the Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa can be set in any living space. There are five upholstery options that easily blend with all color scheme, and the flexible silhouette can convert to a full-sized bed for overnight guests. Highly practical and simple, this comfortable sleeper sofa will be a great selection to place in your guest room or living room.


  • Sleeper offers a full-size sheet.
  • Top seat cushion.
  • Back folds down in order to create a full-size bed.
  • 10″ Pillow best seat cushion for extra convenience.
  • Non-bar back for extra sleeping comfort.
  • Cover and foam consist of fire retardants.
  • Material: 100% Polyester Linen
  • This sofa is much more than a common futon and does not have any pullout mattress.
  • Easily converted to a full-size bed.


  • Featuring immaculate lines and clean cuts, the traditional style of this best sofa bed is difficult to miss.
  • Taking very tiny floor space, the Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa proves itself to be a convenient selection for rooms with a little floor area such as hostel rooms, dormitories…
  • This comfortable sleeper sofa from Mercury Row manufacturer is made of premium-quality foam stuffing. It is covered with high-quality polyester for long durability.
  • This convertible is also available in a wide range of solid colors, which can be selected in companion with the décor of your own room or the color scheme.



  • It is only comfortable for sleep in just a few nights.

3. Pryce Sleeper Sofa

Product Description

Pryce Sleeper Sofa
Pryce Sleeper Sofa

This comfortable sleeper sofa is a combination of a refined retro and mid-century style with its solid wood legs, intricate diagonal stitching, and classic lines. The tapered legs and the symmetrical design offer it a vintage style while the soft linen fabric gives it a warm feel for daily use. The Langley Street Pryce linen futon is a wonderful companion of mid-century antique wood furniture or light color in order to compliment your style of décor.


  • Mid-century/refined retro style
  • Intricate diagonal stitching
  • Number of Legs: 6
  • Stable when converted in the bed
  • Upholstery back material: Linen
  • Upholstered back: Yes


  • Easy assembly, couch is gorgeous
  • For the price, this is definitely a 5 star couch
  • This sofa is beautiful to look at and fairly easy to assemble as there are not many parts involved
  • I like the couch/futon mostly for its aesthetic but it also is very functional because its an extra spot for guests to sleep in my small studio
  • Look just as pictured; Super easy to put together
  • Use it as an appropriate bed
  • It is Ideal for all families, large or even small.



  • It’s not the most comfortable but it’s large and nice for lounging

4. Sarah Sleeper Sofa

Product Description

Sarah Sleeper Sofa
Sarah Sleeper Sofa

With stylish tapered arms and plush cushions, this Sarah sleeper sofa will be an ageless basic, which is a complement for numerous styles of decorating. The simple block legs are great supports for the two-over-two style.


  • Mattress size: Queen
  • The mattress is under the cushions
  • Upholstered back
  • The mattress stands on metal legs, which pull out along with the mattress
  • Recessed support bar offers more optimal comfort
  • Cross wires for improving support under the mattress
  • Close functionality, fuss-free open and smooth.
  • Dreamquest sleeper
  • Elegant tapered arms
  • Block legs in various mahogany finish
  • Cushions with low-melt fiber insulator material and coils’ protection.
  • Incredibly comfort and resilient X-Innersoft cushions
  • The 13.5 Gauge of high-carbon steel springs make sure the durability and sturdiness
  • Material: polyester upholstery and wood frame
  • Sleeper sofa with two accent pillows


  • This comfortably crafted sofa bed has a wonderful clean-lined construction, which makes it become a gorgeous piece of furniture for the modern living rooms.
  • Although the cushions may be sturdy at first, this Sarah sleeper sofa is still extremely comfortable as a wonderful main couch for your house.
  • This best sleeper sofa is very comfortable for sitting and napping. Besides, it is easy to convert it from an easeful bed into a comfortable sofa and back again.
  • The polyester upholstery offers certain advantages as a stuffing fabric. Commonly, it is also such a strong and synthetic fiber that serves as a great sofa bed for daily use.



  • It is advisable that the pull out mattress is located on the thinner side, therefore, if you usually have overnight guests, you had better add an extra pillow-top mattress or some extra comfortable bed pillows for an easeful sleep.

5. Colbie Modular Loveseat & Ottoman Sleeper

Product Description

Colbie Modular Loveseat & Ottoman Sleeper
Colbie Modular Loveseat & Ottoman Sleeper

With a completely unique and customizable design, the Modular Loveseat can lighten any living space. You and your dear friends may share a good time relaxing on an easeful two-person loveseat with ottoman sleeper or stacking this comfortable ottoman sofa for a large seating pad or gaming table. Moreover, you can also completely fold it out and have a sleep on the easeful Queen-size mattress.


  • Flatten bed as a mattress.
  • Require a Queen-size sheet loveseat.
  • In order to lower shipping costs as well as protecting the environment, this sleeper sofa is shipped in the compressed
  • Easy to reposition, use, and store.
  • The individual covers in order to keep your sofa looking fresh.
  • Stuffed with highly durable, supportive and comfortable polyurethane foam.
  • Including machine-washable and removable covers, mattress liner along with childproof zippers, two ottomans, and Loveseat.
  • An innovative convertible sofa bed with two lovely ottomans so that you can unfold it easily into a workstation, a bench or a queen-size bed.


  • It will help change your personal room’s appearance and more flexibility for your personalization.
  • Nice appearance, quick shipping and truly excellent value.
  • You can put it at any place in your living space.
  • Very easy to assembly and the zipper covers are greatly fit.
  • It is very easy for you to move in tiny spaces. It is also fun to open it and watch it expand.
  • Excellent loveseat to match a tiny downtown condo.



  • There must be some little problems of this convertible sofa bed because it still needs some legs or frames for more supports so that it can stand well on the floor, however, I did not get any of the disadvantages from the reviews of our customers on the online market. I have used it for a long time and I did not find any problems until now.

How to choose the most comfortable sleeper sofa 2018?

  • Measuring Your Sofa And Your Room

I used to bought large hunkin’ sofas and then, tried my best to cram them into my tiny room. I only thought of how to get the most seats but I forgot that I also wanted to freely move in my room without bumping to the sofa.

Sofas offer various sizes. You should make sure to buy an appropriate one that fits your room! You had better consider the total dimensions of the sofa as well as the back height, seat depth, and arm length. If you can downside the sofa bed by 6 inches, it will fit your room better.

  • Looking For Good Constructions

Such Kiln dried woods such as oak will surely guarantee a sturdy and durable sofa. A sofa is the piece of furniture that is mostly used in your house, a sturdy sofa will serve you as long as possible. It is recommended that you should buy a sofa from a reputable company so that you can own a sturdy sofa. Remember to buy the most solid sleeper sofa that you can afford!

  • Choosing an appropriate style that fits your room as well as your lifestyle.

Does a modern sofa meet your need? How about a traditional one? Box or Rolled arms? Skirt or none? Knife cushions, box cushions, loose or attached? There are numerous of types and styles of sofas. That is a good news for the consumers, like you! You had better refer to the webs in order to find your own style!

  • Knowing The Stuffing

There are copious materials used to stuff the sofa. We will discuss the most common kinds. Polyurethane, which is a low-cost material, is easy to care for the filling, however, it will flatten all over the years. On the other hand, High resiliency (HR) filling may be a little harder, however, it can wear better. Finally, goose down is the most luxurious material, but it is easy to clump. I will recommend an HR wrapped sofa, which is the best!

  • Buy The Right Pattern And Fabric

Be sharp and smart when selecting the pattern and fabric of a sofa! You should choose an appropriate fabric and pattern for your sofa, which is made of durable fabric that can easily clean up. A comfortable sleeper sofa with a tough fabric, which is easy to clean, will be a beloved sofa due to its great look and easy care!

You had better choose your favorite fabric and work with your room’s decoration.

SG Tip: Here’s the formula:

Durable fabric + easy to clean + great color and/or pattern= a wonderful sofa.

I understand the amount of effort you all have to put in while buying a sofa for your home. It takes a lot of time to decide which one to buy for, because once you buy it, there is no time to regret later. For all of you out there, I have one solution for this problem; get perfect sectional sofa bed. This can be a great boon to your family if you make a wise decision. Through this post I will introduce you some of the best sectional sofa bed reviews, which I think will brighten your living room ambiance. Of course, they are among the stylish and comfortable sofas.


I can understand your effort when purchasing a sofa. It may take a lot of time to make a consideration. If you can make a wise decision, the new sofa will be a wonderful piece of furniture so that you can lighten you living ambiance. Before choosing a comfortable sleeper sofa, you had better consider some certain techniques: the size, material, color, design as well as the manufacture and the price. With this article, we hope through our review top 5 most comfortable sleeper sofa 2019, you can find the best one for your family and your own.